In this open call for international performances, we are looking for 3 theater, circus, dance or any other performance, in any language, at in: v z b l festival 2022. We encourage performances with an accessible language that can easily be understood by the audience, either verbally or non verbally. In this call, we specifically target art companies that share the values ​​we have at Basca Theater and the in: v z b l festival, such as: solidarity, dialogue, respect and dignity. We expect artists to respect these values ​​and take them into account when creating shows. 

in: v z b l festival arose from the need to bring together artists from several fields, who could interact with various categories of audiences. This meeting aims to offer everyone (artists and the public) different perspectives of the reality around us. Our desire is to initiate a dialogue through which what is sometimes „invisible” in society can become visible, through art. 

in: v z b l is a festival that aims to make visible what is invisible, promoting values ​​such as dialogue, understanding, respect and solidarity. The voices of various vulnerable, „invisible” groups are often unheard or even unspoken. Through this festival we want to give these groups a voice and context to self-represent and make this voice stronger in the community. Diversity is an under-exploited wealth. Different cultures and different perspectives on reality are a learning opportunity for all of us, as long as we manage to put at the center of our interactions the values ​​and principles that the festival affirms. 

Application period: 15 June – 15 July.

We offer artist fee, transport, accommodation and meals. 

The performance can take place between September 1st and November 15th, 2022. 

By July 15th, the applicant will send a file in PDF format to, which must contain the following: 

1. A presentation of the art company. 

2. Description of the performance and personnel. 

3. Link to the recorded show. 

4. The technical rider. 

5. Pictures from the performance at the best quality and reviews / press articles about the show. 

6. A paragraph arguing the relevance of the performance for this festival

The evaluation and selection of the artistic performances will take place between July 18-31. The 3 selected performances will be announced on August 1st on Basca Theater Facebook Page.

in : v z b l festival is part of „Timișoara 2023 – European Capital Culture” cultural program, financed by Timișoara City through the Projects Center (Centrul de Proiecte).

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