Now in its third edition, the in : v z b l festival (invisible festival) organized by Basca Theater from Timișoara, reaches out to the public with a generous program of theater shows and artistic performances with social themes and more. The festival will take place in Timișoara, in September, October and November, in different places in the city: Traian square, Faber, Basca Theater, Parcul Poporului and Cinema Victoria. The artistic events from this year’s edition are signed both by Basca Theater, and by different artists and art companies, invited from Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, Serbia, and from Romania – Sibiu, Cluj and Bucharest. This year’s in : v z b l festival offers the chance of artistic residencies on circus, music and dance. The international artists selected in the Open calls from the previous months, will spend two weeks in Timișoara and will work with a group of vulnerable people. At the end of the residency, the artist together with the participants will create an artistic moment which will be presented in public.

In : v b l is a festival that aims to make visible what is invisible by promoting values ​​such as dialogue, understanding, respect and solidarity. The voices of various vulnerable “invisible” groups are often unheard or even unspoken. Through this festival we create the context that allows them to represent themselves and make their voice heard in the community.

Photo credit: Independent Theater Hungary

Program Festivalul in : v z b l 2022

11/09 – 18.00 hrsFrogtales – Independent Theater Hungary (HU)
15/09 – 19.00 hrsWhat we had. What they gave us – Basca Theater (RO)
16/09 – 19.00 hrsBody Confessions – Alexander Zain (SRB)
17/09 – 11.00 hrsClose your eyes and you will see better – Școala de Joacă (RO)
23/09 – 19.00 hrsWe will not get used to war – Actors for future (UKR)
24/09 – 18.00 hrsGorgo Therapy – Basca Theater (RO)
7/10 – 19.00 hrsTorn apart – Bis Theater (RO)
15/10 – 19.00 hrsRoof – Basca Theater (RO)
16/10Puf Buf – Basca Theater (RO)
22/10 – 16.30 & 20.30 hrsAll the silence in the world – Centrul Replika (RO)
28/10Beyond the wall – Art Bureau Foundation (BG)
29/10 & 30/10Of coal and rainbow – Paweł Świerczek (PL)
04/11Artificial Body – Lukash Wojcicki (PL)
05/11Perfect man – Lukash Wojcicki (PL)
05/11Movie projection
08/11Ballads of memory – Reactor Cluj (RO)
09/11An evening of entertainment at Reactor – Reactor Cluj (RO)
12/11Kablat performance – Denis Bolborea (RO)

We invite you to follow in : v z b l festival Facebook page for complete information about the performances, the venues and more.

The in : v z b l festival, now in its third edition, is organized by the Solidart Association through Basca Theater, within the Timișoara European Capital of Culture program, and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Timișoara Project Center.

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