In July, the first theater and dance performances of this summer season will take place at Basca Theatre.

The performances are valuable through innovative artistic methods (documentary theater, forum theater, VR theater, social theater, dance theater, historical theater), through documentary research of real stories, through collaboration with partners of other cultural and social institutions. Moreover, the shows of this season talk about accessibility, inclusion, solidarity, dialogue, diversity and interdisciplinarity and promote new forms of cultural and creative expression. The project will revitalize the Traian/Fabric area and alongside the performances of Basca Theater will regain its historical and cultural importance by promoting local artists, social values, life stories of people in difficulty, contemporary dramaturgy based on artistic research.

See you at the shows!

July schedule:

The project from Basca Theater is part of the national cultural program Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is financed by the “Theatre Artistic Excellence” program run by the Timiș Culture and Art Center with amounts allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Cultures budget.

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